Waltz Of The Mariners

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When my demise here comes,                                                                                       I will leave word,                                                                                                                to throw my ashes to the wind,                                                                                  in the same place as yours.

We can run through the meadows,                                                                             stopping only to smell the purple flowers,                                                  while dancing under the stars all aglow,                                                                  through the springtime showers.                                                                           We shall play among the seasons

No bounty on time will rest overhead.                                                               We will toss away all thoughts of reason                                                         We shall claim forever together instead.

Many people parish in battles. War doesn’t care if you are an active participant or a person standing on the sidelines refusing to pick up arms. War claims everything and everyone. Some are destined to be leaders, followers and others the fallen.

Salute all who choose freedom at all cost and peace as the end result. ‘Thank you’ to all the people who have served.best grammar checkessay writingessay writing

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The Death Watchers

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