History Of The People

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piece-1-1157719Fury The First,                                                                                                      Birth Of The Derma Relics

“The Spirit People confronted Lahaylia, Princess of Shallow Waters. She was told of a way to save her populace, her father and new husband, from an agonizing death. She was instructed to climb to the top of the Multnomah Falls and jump. Her sacrifice alone ensured a cure to be distributed directly. Without a thought she did what was asked of her. Selflessly, she hurled herself off the cliff and gave vitality to her people with the sacrifice of her own.”

“The Spirit People became rather impressed with the act of unconditional love and selflessness, so they resurrected her and granted her immortality, if she so wanted. She asked to resume her life, but the Creators denied her request. Lahaylia could come back, though not as the girl she was. Lahaylia had died and I was born as Fury The First.”

“Her people would no longer be known as Shallow Waters. They became the Derma Relics. I was appointed to be the custodian of the woodlands, and able to fuse with whatever animals I choose. My tribe was allowed one totem to fuse with. I am the first protector, the initial guardian. The original Kindred to be chosen.”

“I accepted the primary component of the Creators’ offer and stood watch, keeping my tribe safe. I protected all creatures from becoming over hunted and the forest from being over consumed, and watched over everyone except my husband. I asked that they prevent him from learning I still lived.”

“She explained how painful it would be, should she be forced to observe him each day knowing he could never be hers again. She preferred him to be encouraged to go on with his life. He left the tribe.”

“Fury told the Creators she’d had her one love and couldn’t imagine another.”

“The Spirit People decided if I could be devoted so unconditionally, then every person should be irresistibly drawn to a fundamental core value, regardless of breed, beliefs, even the laws of nature shouldn’t interfere. They created the Echo Law to honor my sacrifice.”

orange-effect-abstract-photo-files-sun-web-brilliance-fire-sun-desktop-green-blue-white-yellow-color-colour-colors-1182104Night Star Showing The Way,                            Birth Of The Relic Dares

“Next, they went to the Snowhawks and appeared to the chief’s firstborn daughter, Soaring Eagle. She was told if she went to the top of Mountain St. Helen’s and threw herself into the Volcano, her clan would all be cured. Without hesitation, she dove into the steaming hole.

“The Snowhawks were allowed the antidote. The Spirit People posed their question again and she requested to remain with her tribe as their protector the same as Lahaylia had. Soaring Eagle became Night Star Showing The Way. The Spirit People granted her and her society the power of fire and they became the Relic Dares, keepers of the flames.

“The Creators then approached the Broken Streams. They went to the chief, telling Ny to go to the water and stand within the depths and wait for the lightening to find him during a violent electrical storm. After Ny died, the Creators reanimated him and posed the same offer they’d given Night Star and me. Ny asked to be allowed to watch his daughters grow up. He became known as Horizon And Infinite Light. His tribe would fuse with voltaic conductivity and the Rafe Relics were born from the power of air, keepers of cataclysmic energy.



Birth Of The Lunaire

“Two additional tribes were approached, but rejected the Creators proposal and chose their own lives over their responsibility. First was Staass, the son of the Clan of the Hunting Stag who was banished for his flight. Staass was to be ruled by a sunless sky and bitterness swam in his veins like poison. He was singled out, ostracized from everything he had ever known. He was the father of the Lunaire.



The Mother Of Chaos and the Demonoks

Her origin is still unknown.




atom-1242097Sigh The Fearless,       

Birth Of The Magique Relics

“The Clan of the Stag were saved by the second child, a daughter named Kaaw. When she was brought back and given the offer, she requested to become a protector and she and her society were fused with the Earth. Given the power of Magique Relics, the Tracers came into being. They were converted to the caretakers of the Rites and bore the mark of the Fates. Kaaw now would be addressed as Sigh The Fearless.


1340255_35143087Fatine The Warrior Of All,  

Birth Of The Hynts.

“The second was the Northern Wolves. Chief Neen’aaton, abandoned his tribe. He was expelled and the Kelpies were born. He existed with help from apparitions. The People of the Northern Wolves were saved by the chief’s wife, Field Mouse, who volunteered because of the shame of her husband. She infused with the squall and charged forward as the guardian of wind, power of the Tempest. Thus, was born the Hynts. Field Mouse became known as Fatine The Warrior Of All.


photos-1141003Tobias And Serafina

“Tobias of the Clan of the Turtles and Serafina of the Seraphims of the Nile asked to be left as mortals, but there was a catch and their people could have no protectors assigned to them. The Creators decided because Homo sapiens were multiplying faster than the breeds, they should be made to forget about the differences between themselves and the other world.


1259442_99636483In Conclusion,

The tribes had become Amalgamates—humans who could fuse with different elements of the universe.

Each had a protector standing watch. The original guardians who had given up their lives for their clans were formed as the first Kindred Relics. They were trained to hunt down the Lunaire, the Kelpies, as well as Staass and Dahlia.

The war has been culminating for main years, and as the end grows near, everyone must pick sides. Each must rise up above their own misfortune and

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The Death Watchers

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